Dec 2022 创盈光疗新生儿黄疸治疗仪取得医疗器械注册证
医疗器械注册证编号:赣械注准 20222090304
Dec 2022 创盈光疗成为第三代半导体产业技术创新战略联盟理事会员
Oct 2022 创盈光疗再次承接十四五国家重点研发计划重点专项任务——“新型显示与战略性电子材料”专项“面向生殖健康医疗需求的LED技术及专用系统研制”项目
Oct 2022 创盈光疗接待北京工业大学代表团,双方表达建立以企业为主体的技术创新体系意愿
Oct 2022 创盈光疗医学实验室建设完成,正式投入使用
Jul 2022 张馨予以“好物分享官”的身份,带货创盈Po光眼部美容仪,获众多爱美人士关注!
Jun 2022 创盈光疗特别赞助全国首档聚焦闺蜜关系时尚改造类综艺节目《闺蜜好美》
Mar 2022 “美业第一大展“广州国际美博会在广交会展馆盛大启幕,创盈光疗在12.2馆高端美容仪器展区惊喜亮相!
Dec 2021 创盈光疗首款临床Product——LED红光治疗仪(妊娠纹治疗)通过第3家临床基地医院的伦理委员会审查。
Sep 2021 公司获“北京市知识产权示范单位”称号。
Apr 2021 The new product of Chuangying Phototherapy won the Italian A'Design Design Award
Mar 2021 1. Chuangying phototherapy product Guangneng Beauty Abdomen won the Geneva International Invention Award.
2. The first batch of Po light and eye beauty products officially entered production
Nov 2020 Chuangying Phototherapy won the title of "2020 Enterprise Innovation Cluster" in Beijing
Sep 2020 1. Chuangying Phototherapy officially participated in the national key research and development program "Research on the mechanism, method, equipment and application of LED for health and medical treatment", and carried out a key special topic "LED pair related Research on Immune Regulation and Application of Diseases
2. The first batch of waist backlight energy meters officially entered production
Aug 2020 Professor Liu Wei was formally hired as the chief scientist of Chuangying Phototherapy Dermatology
Mar 2019 The first batch of beauty abdominal instrument products officially entered production
Mar 2018 The company officially changed its name to [Beijing Chuangying Optoelectronics Medical Technology Co., Ltd.]
Oct 2017 The company was recognized as [National High-tech Enterprise]
Sep 2017 1. The national key research and development plan "Strategic advanced electronic materials" key special project "The mechanism, method, equipment and application research of LED in health and medical treatment" was approved, and the project kick-off meeting was held in PLA 301 Hospital.
2. "Shrinkage pattern repair instrument "Applyed and accepted 2 international invention patents

Jun 2017 1. "Atrophic pattern repairing instrument" was authorized with 2 "utility model patents"
2. "Atrophic pattern repairing instrument" was re-applied and received 1 invention patent
May 2017 The preparatory work meeting of the national major special R&D project research group was successfully held in the company
Feb 2017 The "Science and Technology Novelty Retrieval Report" and "Science and Technology Project Consulting Report" issued by professional institutions analyze the novelty of the products developed by our company, and its comprehensive technology has reached the domestic leading and international advanced level.
Oct 2016 The company's independent research and development of "shrinkage pattern repair instrument" product obtained 2 invention patents and 2 utility model patents
Sep 2016 The company plans to participate in the [National Key R&D Program "Strategic Advanced Electronic Materials" Key Special Project-The Mechanism, Method, Equipment and Application Research of LED Used in Health and Medical Treatment" project] subject research
May 2016 Reached a strategic cooperation with the Electric Light Source Research Institute of Fudan University to provide core light source professional research data and academic support for the LED phototherapy products developed by the company
Mar 2016 公司【医疗器械事业部】正式成立,标志着自主研发光疗类医美Product、医疗器械Product、家居美容Product进程的全面启动
May 2015 The company's comprehensive strategic upgrade and industrial transformation, focusing on the R&D, production, sales and service of high-tech phototherapy medical devices
Jul 2016 与原解放军空军总医院皮肤病医院达成战略合作,在皮肤性病学功效验证、临床研究等方面为我公司自主研发的Product提供医学学术支持
Jan 2014 From 2004 to 2014, Chuangying Optoelectronics has become a leading national brand in the LED lighting industry, and its products are sold at home and abroad
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